Diabetic Living India – A Magazine Specially for the Diabetics

ImageDiabetes is a very common problem in India. A person affected by this issue needs to take proper care of his/her health that is not possible without proper guidance. To fulfill this need, the Maxposure Media Group has launched a special publication – the Diabetic Living India that is aimed at helping out the 32 million diabetic people in the country.

While there are several general interest magazines online available in the market, there are very few that talk about a particular health problem. Diabetic Living is a complete publication that includes great recipes and medical advice for those living with this disease.
Diabetes can be managed and the patients can lead a normal life by following a simple diet, medicine and exercise routine. All the write ups in this publication include inputs from the health experts and professionals.

Since it is the era of ordering online comics and magazine in India region, Diabetic Living can be also purchased from the web at discounted rates. You can buy two years subscription of the magazine for Rs. 840, which would otherwise cost you Rs. 1200. So you basically get to save Rs. 360 flat.

This subscription can be an ideal gift for someone who is bravely facing diabetes with courage. You can online shopping Mumbai for magazine subscription for your friends, parents or colleagues to help them lead a better life.

Loot Bargain also carries a variety of other magazines by Maxposure Media Group and other publishers like Disha Bharti Media and Diamond Comics. All the comics, books and magazine deals are available at discounted prices.

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